Pet Friendly Rentals

Have you ever being on vacation and met a family with their dog? Yes, dog owners treat them as family and will not want to leave it behind when going on a trip. But some people are not aware that it is nowadays possible to travel with your dogs for a vacation. If you would love to travel with your dog and do not know how, read on for tips.

Pet travel tips

Does your dog want to travel?

trip with a dogMany dogs are willing and happy to try new things. For comfortable and safe travel, your dog must be healthy, house trained, calm in new surroundings and should love traveling. A stressed dog will ruin the whole trip. A well-mannered and happy dog will, on the other hand, enjoys the trip and makes all of you happy.

How will you be traveling?

Many people who will tag their pets along will travel by car. And this is for a good reason. Here, you will be able to check on it and make sure it is doing fine. If you are traveling by plane, your dog will fly in the cargo area. Many people are not okay with that because they will not get the chance to make sure that their dog is doing okay.

Are you aware of the accommodation pet policies?

Pet accommodation policies vary from one country to the other. Different hotels will have different policies as well. Check with your hotel if they have size restrictions on the dog, the number of dogs allowed? If you will be needed to pay extra fees and any other rule related to traveling with dogs. Like for example, some hotels will not allow pets to stay unattended in guest rooms.

Are you ready to be a goodwill ambassador?

Dogs in the beachSome hotels will not allow you to come with your pet irrespective of the size or how well behaved they are. Some hotels which used to allow pets no longer do so because of how bad some behaved. Dogs are the best pests but only if they are well mannered and house trained. Only travel with a well-mannered dog because the goal is to enjoy your trip allowing others to enjoy as well. It is obvious that you should clean up after your dogs. If all of us took care of our pets, the hotel owners would welcome us again and again in their hotels.